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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

80's icon of the month - Donkey kong

aisey...it's the 8th already. baru nak update my monthly tribute to the 1980an. i keep forgetting...hmmm..must be getting old. oh well...
i guess kids growing up in the 80's ought to be feeling pretty damn lucky that a piece of so-called toy that'll forever change the future and create its own empire was popularized. yes...the video game was a huge hit and will forever change the way we waste our time.
my first recollection of a video game was the black Atari with its single button joystick. it was first owned by a friend of mine and we were awed. petang2 abis skolah, singgah jap rumah dia for a round of Space invaders, Asteroid and of course...Donkey Kong. pergghhh...the pure joy of getting to the next level, rescuing the girl from the big ugly monkey (masa tu punya graphics...even the girl looked like a monkey). new terms were introduced...the 'Boss', the evil character u had to beat after a few levels and Bonus round...where u get to collect points. all this were pretty new back then, people were having fun playing with big dots on their screen. and donkey kong would be one of the great pioneers along with pac man.
and i also recall a Donkey kong cartoon show in the afternoon. actually, i don't recall that much...but my dad told me he had to wait for donkey kong to finish first baru boleh gerak from my aunt's house. hmmm...kecik2 dah pandai buat perangai. no wonder i'm like this...hehhehe...
we've come a loooonggg way since the days of donkey kong. this video game was what spawned the ever popular Super Mario bros. series.
the graphics nowadays are worlds apart from zaman tu. and as the days go by..i too have somehow lost interest (just a bit) in video games. but most guys are avid gamers...and i wouldn't blame them. syok apa sekali sekala blow up somebody to smithereens, race against Schumacher on the streets of Monaco or pull a fadeaway jumper on Kobe. with the games they have now, you can be anyone anyday. u just have to master the buttons. and somehow it all started with big dots on the screen...

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