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Sunday, April 04, 2004

The search continues...

last tuesday i went to another interview. it's a follow-up to my 1st interview with Emerson process management. second interview....i wouldn't be guilty if i felt a wee bit of confidence, rite? so that's what i thought...
turns out it was one of the worst interviews i went thru. i was grilled like the roasted chicken at Kenny Roger's. but being used to this type of pressure, i just kept my chin up and smiled. SCREW YOU, that was what was going thru my mind. i knew this guy for just 5 minutes, and already i'm hating him. talk about first impressions....
so another job interview gone.....2 down, how many more to go? all this while keeping my nerve on my current job. sort of a double life, u could say. weekends are the only time i have to apply for any job offerings. itupun if i'm in the mood. kalau malas, another week goes by.
a friend gave me a link to this website where u type ur name and birthdate and it tells u what jobs will be suitable according to the western and chinese zodiac. i don't usually buy this sort of stuff, but what it says is kinda true. it says i'm more suitable for a everchanging environment, meaning i should go for a sales or advertising job. hmmmm..advertising. it sounds kinda cool, but wayyyyyyyy off from what i studied. i don't see myself pursuading anyone to buy anything. i can't even pursuade myself to choose something to buy. camne nak jual kat orang? i am my own critic. i'm critical of almost everything......so go figure.
whatever the case, i'm still buying the saturday edition of the Star to keep me occupied. i don't believe in jobstreet, just another false medium to give me false hope. if u got a job thru them....congratulations, i say.
i just emailed a few applications myself just now. let's hope another one hits...

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