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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Radio killed the video star

i've been listening to a lot of radio recently. that should come as no suprise as i spend most of my time at the factory rather than in front of the telly. so radio is my main source of entertainment other than my fellow colleagues. believe me....radio is waaayyyyyy fine.
but since listening more to radio...i've gotten quite bored of it. i've now noticed that most radio stations recycle their playlist every damn single day. come on laaa....aku ingat hitz fm je yang buat. i used to and still listen to mix fm...but their stuff is also recycleable daily. don't believe me? try listening in at around 7+ in the morning and u're bound to hear enrique's song....apanamatah...punya aku menyampah...aku tak ingat title lagunya.
so i tried my luck at red94.9. their playlist is quite good except for one thing.....come on laaa....hip hop at 7.30?? i'm not rascist....but afro-american music just doesn't catch on to me. especially at 7.30 am. pagi2 dah nak menjerit2....apa ke halnya....
so then i moved on to Radio 4...yesss..that radio 4, the one beaming out from angkasapuri, the centre of national propaganda. the songs they play are kinda cool....with the green man and scam boy to entertain me while i curse at the traffic jam at the shah alam roundabout. but too much of radio 4 made me notice one thing....they too are guilty of recycling their playlist. dulu pagi2 around 7.15 i can bet ur ass they'll play "Hey Ya" by Outkast. no doubt...i'm guilty of liking this song too....but too much of shaking like a polaroid picture can do harm to the ears.
skang trend dah tukar....now confirm they'll play 'here without u" by 3 doors down. ughhhh...and i too used to love that song.....&*@#
so i'm back at square one, which happens to be mix fm. actually, radio 4 is the best that they can offer now coz they offer different ranges of music and they cut down on the jumpin black dudes songs...wheww...
i love the way radio stations like to suprise me with an old song that i haven't heard for ages. take for example, last week...when i heard 'Nothing compares 2 u' by sinead o'connor. mannnn...i haven't heard that one in ages so it was really great singing along like a mad man in the car. pedulik hapa aku what the other guy in the car says....
dulu...the best malaysian radio could offer was WOW fm, the epitome of coolness on the airwaves. alass... as usual all good things come to a quick end here in malaysia, so the radio station is now best heard in the chinese language...yayyyyyy....
so now what? well...it's a choice between mix and radio 4. tolong la ada station baru to challenge this people. maybe i should open a radio station myself...hehehe.....nahhh..nanti aku overplay U2 songs...aku pulak yang menyampah nanti. so suggest me a new station....hmmmm..sekali sekala layan era boleh tahan jugak....vote for nana!!
shit....i can't believe i typed that...

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o