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Sunday, April 04, 2004

80's Icon of the Month - Michael Jordan

with another month comes another icon. this time i won't keep it late. hope i'm not even though it's already the 4th. biasalah....aku orang melayu...hehhehe
this month i'll be giving my tribute to probably the greatest ever player to grace the basketball courts, Mike Jordan. maybe u're not a sports fan let alone a basketball fan, but u must have heard of this name. he was possibly the first walking advert ever, the icon of commercialism and marketing. people wanted what he weared, drinked what he sweated (in the Gatorade ad, he sweated Gatorade, thus the tag-line...Is it in you?, even wanted to smell like him. (he launched his own line of perfume in the late 90's). yesss..michael jordan....the walking icon.
he started out his NBA career at the Chicago Bulls as a rookie in 1984, where he was the 3nd choice in the NBA draft, possibly the biggest blunder ever made. but i guess it was destiny for the Bulls, as he transformed a team who struggled in the league to 6 times NBA champion. it was really the 90's that trully showed what Jordan can achieve. he was the star of the Bulls in the 80's and the team was built around him. that team showed its class as it won 3 consecutive NBA titles from '91 to '93.
in the 80's it was all about jordan's shoes. Nike was Michael Jordan and his line of air jordans was one of the most sort after basketball shoes. i personally never owned an Air jordan, but seeing one for the first time when my cousin came back from the States in 1990, it was like this awe. i think it was Air jordan V....couldn't recall.
when u played basketball at school, all u wanted to be was like Mike. he was the scorer, the dribbler and the defender. all in one package. and don't forget the tongue-wagging....a trademark of Jordan and something i myself have been guilty of emulating...hehehhe..berangan nak jadi michael jordan....ok la tuh.
i didn't really like michael jordan when i was in school. ye laaa..having the underdog culture in me, his Chicago Bulls was kinda like Manchester united now....hehhe...sorry for that. somehow, u knew that everytime he touches the ball, he's gonna score. that was what was scary about him. his determination and hunger for success makes him the legend that he is.
he retired 3 times from the NBA. 1st was in '93 where he tried unsuccessfully in a career in baseball. then came back in 95 to win another 3 NBA championship ring. then he retired in 99 but came back in 2001 to help the washington wizards. now he finally retired in 2002, where he failed to help the wizards into the playoffs. even though his last days in the NBA wasn't that rosy, u couldn't take anything away from him and all his championship rings. he was the true legend, they even have a statue of him outside the United Centre in Chicago, where the Bulls play their home games. underneath the statue, it read,
"The best there ever was. The best there ever will be"
Nuff said.

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