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Monday, February 02, 2004

True korban

and since we're still in the hari raya aidiladha mood, why not something to remind us of the true word of korban. just now, while watching the evening news, they highlighted a story about a retired USM deputy registrar who now provides free tuition to kids around his kampung in kedah. NST already highlighted the story on saturday...and it gave me a kick in the ass reminding me that this world doesn't spin around me. everyday i'm thinking me, me, me and me. i wanna be rich, i wanna buy that iPod, i want a DVD player, i want, i want, i want.
so when is the time i gave back? that question came to me when i read the story about that kedah guy. God bless him. he gives free tuition to about 200 kids per week in his makeshift 'classroom' built from various materials collected from building sites. he started around 8 years ago if i'm not mistaken, with around 20 kids. news spreads out quickly of his free tuition and soon...he's got dozens of students. he teaches maths and english to the kids. some of his earlier students who has graduated, now come back and help him teach and organize the place. wow...ada jugak orang macam tu kat dunia ni lagi ye. while everyone is talking about rapists and murderers and how everyone in malaysia is getting crazier, it's good to know that we still have people like him. the keyword here is FREE TUITION. who gives anything away for free nowadays? even the crummy, smelly toilet costs us 20 sen.
nobody can do this without keikhlasan. he enjoys teaching the kids and seeing them being successful is already a reward itself. bukan senang woooo...aku yang ada gaji ni pun malas nak pegi keje. just imagine teaching these kids every week for NOTHING. zip, zero, nil.
volunteering is big word. it's not as easy as it seems. i've done some wee bit of volunteering (sikit je) in the past, and it's not that easy. u have to make sacrifices and kena banyak sabar. and i really suck at being patient....seriusly. tapi the satisfaction it gives just cannot be described. in this modern, concrete jungle atmosphere, i guess there will always be the unsung hero who carries on doing what he believes in without hoping for due recognition and reward. the only reward and recognition that comes is to the heart...

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