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Monday, February 02, 2004

Selamat hari raya

so hari raya aidiladha slowly passes by. this year, it's been a little different than the usual hari raya haji of the past. to start things off, i wasn't at home the day before hari raya...which was a first becoz i'm usually home and dry by the time the takbir raya is heard on tv. i arrived home at around 11 pm to the smell of my mother's rendang and kuah kacang...ahhhhh..home is sweeeettt.
another different aspect of raya haji this year is that i didn't go semayang raya that morning....talk about a good start to the day. i was dead tired (konon penat) and didn't have the resources to wake up despite my parents' calling. kesian papa pegi semayang sorang2....what to do...i'm no angel.
despite the bad start, the day didn't seem too bad. most of my family are here in seremban, and everyone visited each other. this was quite usual in my family, but this year, it seemed to be a lot merrier. i don't know why, maybe i'm just glad to see them. and another suprise came in the form of my friends visiting me on hari raya haji. certainly that is a first. congrats aaaa kuman and kurel....hahhahahaha...
so this year's celebration certainly is a lot merrier than usual. why shouldn't it be? holidays is about family and friends and certainly a day off from the office. maybe that's why it's a lot happier...

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