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Saturday, February 07, 2004

Bread crusts and strawberry jam

yesterday was one of the worst day of my life. actually...i'm just making an overstatement. it was a really bad day, but not one that'll go into the record books.
i wasn't sure what to expect in the morning, but i should have read the warning signals when pagi2 lagi dah kena fire time morning meeting. tak la fire mana pun, just a reminder to me by the big ol' boss. shit betul la...masa aku buat, sekor pun tak mintak....tau2 time aku tak buat je, time tuuuuu la nak tanya. sucks.
so that was pretty much it in the morning. ingat nak nalik awal semalam...but noooooooo...ada je hal. takpelah tu. i went back around 8 something. time sampai je the friendly neighborhood mamak stall for a decent meal...shit...in my wallet there was only a couple of ringgit. cukup la for a meal...but i was damn hungry. tak bole jadi ni...kena pegi bank.
so off i went back home to kelana jaya to find an ATM machine and a fully fortified meal. all was well until i reached the motorola exit....what the fuck...i thought...jam gile.
of all the days, of all the time, there had to be a traffic jam tonite at 9.15 pm. 9.15 pm!!! butoh punya kuala lumpur. mana2 pegi pun jam. it would be understandable at 6-8 pm. but 9.15??!! what the fuck...new york ke apa....
so i waited and waited and waited. finally arriving to my favourite RHB ATM machine which was the nearest to my house, only to find the ever happy notice telling me "Sorry, machine temporarily out of service". sorry your ass....
then i knew that this was a baddddd day. i knew i had to find an ATM and makan before any shit happens again. nasib baik things went smooth after that..so i treated myself to a vanilla ice cream sandwich at the nearest 7 eleven. pergghh...nothing beats the joy of a melting vanilla ice cream in your mouth. good thing i had Dido for company as i drove back. sapa kata songs can't heal?? after a fucked up day...lagu je can't go wrong. tak kisah la dido ke, marlyn manson ke, GT Boyz ke...it all depends on your taste in music...even though sapa denga GT boyz must be fucked up in the first place...hehehhe...
nasib baik aku survive semalam. and what better way to end yesterday than to watch survivor all-star. i'm rooting for Lex!! Lex rocks!! and maybe a soft spot for richard hatch...the naked gay guy. yesss...i'm a believer once again...mark burnett tak kencing kita....hope not....hahahha...

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