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Monday, February 23, 2004

All quiet on the western front

kesian blog aku. it's been more than 2 weeks since i last blogged. is it a sign of boredom? not really...just been a bit busy. and writer's bloc has something to do wit it too. actually...a lot of things had happened for the last 2 weeks. last monday, i took a road trip to kemaman wit my parents to attend an interview. u heard me right....kemaman...the final frontier of human civilization. why would i want to work there? simple...it's a job for field engineers at a local well service company. which means i get the chance to work in the oil and gas industry. which happens to be something i want to pursue in my life...
i applied on leave for monday. konon pakcik sakit kat terengganu, padahal aku bole bet the whole office tau aku pegi interview. terasa bodoh laks...hehhe...so anyways, the terengganu trip was good for me. dah lama aku tak pegi that side of peninsular malaysia. it was jalan kampung all the way from seremban to bahau to muadzam shah to kuantan. terasa simple gile kampung life...when u think about the hustle and bustle of urban life....everyday u're rushing to do something, macam tak cukup masa. terasa nak lepak kampung je...hehhe...
last time i went to the east coast was almost 7 years ago. now diorang dah bawah PAS...but things seem to be like normal. maybe not that rich lah compared to the west coast, tapi i guess tak adil jugak. things here look tough, business nampak macam slow je. tak tau la apsal...
i extended my stay there for another 2 days...due to a second interview they called for on wednesday. takkan la aku nak balik keje on tuesday, then rush back on wednesday? superman ke?? so...apa lagi...this calls for the beautiful thing called emergency leave. maybe it's a blessing in disguise, coz i really needed a vacation. cehh...padahal baru je keje for 2+ months. but it felt really good. lepak wit my parents lagi, which is something i haven't done for quite some time.
as for the 2nd interview, it was okay i guess. chances are 50-50. they called around 11 guys of which they wanted only 3. tak tau la camne....deep inside i'm really hoping. it's not the struggle of going to kemaman that matters. oil and gas is THE industry i want to be involved in. tak tau la orang lain...but the feeling of going offshore, stepping on the steel structure of the oil platform gives me total satisfaction. biar la pijak sekali pun...at least merasa gak aku pijak pelantar minyak. as a student, i would dream of working on a rig, with the taste of crude oil on my face as it bursts out from the pipe. perghhhh...bestnye....ala harry stamper style imortalized in armegeddon.
so i'm really hoping for this oppurtunity. they told me they'll inform me (kalau dapat) around next week. so now i'm playing the waiting game...waiting for the unknown. this part kinda sucks coz u don't know what to expect. keje pun takleh concentrate sangat...asik fikir pasal benda ni je.
3 days off work was really, really refreshing. but then, bile balik...macam2 la org tanya. tak sangka lak diorang rindu kat aku ni...hehehhe. last thursday was really scary. ye laaaa....2 days AWOL....tebal aje la muka. the welcome back greeting from everyone was greeted wit my half-ikhlas smile. mann..i really need to get away. i hope they give me the chance to step on an oil rig. wish me luck!!

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