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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Entry 2: On Mating Season

2006 is officially 'The Year of Marriages'

Who said so?
I did.

And why not? Maybe I should have lessen the scope to March as being the official 'Getting Married Month'. Because since the last time I updated 5 weeks ago, 5 of my friends got married. Got hitched. Tied the knot. Had sex legally. Whatever you wanna call it.
It's nice really to attend weddings. You got the nasi minyak, the happy couple with their rosy cheeks, the beautiful people who attend them and of course, the mini-reunions they induce. And when the couple getting married are the people that you've known for a long time, it adds to the special feeling and joy to the occasion. I was fortunate to travel to the likes of Muar and Kuala Kangsar, places I wouldn't have even thought to come to had it not be for a wedding. So congratulations to Mandorm and Tippie, Elyas and Nani (sorry I couldn't attend), Syidee and Tasya, Zana and husband, Pooyan and wife (sorry tak dapat pegi BP). I wish you guys all the best and a happy ever after.
I guess 26 is the prime season to get married. It's nice really to see people taking the next big step. It's not easy and something that you should cherish all your life. And to think that it only felt like yesterday when I was crossing the school padang, where my only problem was the Add Maths homework given by Pak Cheng. I guess we've come to that stage in life where the normal cycle of an average adult takes place. Finish studying, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. If only if it was as easy as typing it out.
But one thing about attending weddings is that the big question, the million dollar question would be, "Engkau bila lagi?" This would be followed by a snicker or sinister laugh by the questioner. And with that, I came up with a few suggestions on how to deal with such questions. (I think Kak Yah has touched on this subject once, I can't recall)

Diplomatic answer (best option for a pegawai Gomen):
"Tengoklah bila ada rezeki dan jodoh." (followed by a super-duper fake Colgate smile)

Not-in-the-mood answer:
"Ntahlah. Eh, karipap tu ada lagi tak?"

Kurang elok answer (not recommended at all):
"Kahwin?? Aku amalkan seks bebas." (followed by a sheepish smile)

Padan muka kau answer:
"Engkau tu? Tanya orang je pandai. At least muka aku ni laku jugak la." (followed by muka eksyen)

The answer that I would like to give:
"Suka hati akulah bila aku nak kawin. Mak aku pun rilek je. Yang ko sibuk ni apehal? Kau nak kasi aku duit untuk kahwin ke?" (followed by trademark muka Stone)

So next time you see me, you have been warned. Happy marrying, everyone!

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Entry 1: On Gasing and Goodbyes

It all started out with this sign:

And the inevitable became the evitable.

It was going to happen sooner or later. I knew that for a fact, yet upon seeing the above sign sometime in February, reality really sank in. Gasing is moving!
The last weekend of February was the last time I spent the night in Jalan Gasing. It's funny that we call it Gasing in the first place. It's not technically on Jalan Gasing, but somewhere off the main road there. I'm not an expert on the history of the house, but when the guys moved in during Semester Khas of second year (circa 2001) little did we know then how the place would end up being a landmark in our puny little lives. I'm sure it's the same for everyone, but I really grew fond of the place, more for its memories rather than the pijat and bantal busuk there.
And it's ironic that I never became a tenant there myself, rather being the official illegal squarter there. Gasing was always my 3rd home really, other than Seremban and my second home be it in College or my 'official' rented house in SS3. It would be the place best described by Cheers' theme song, 'Where everybody knows your name.'
The memories we had there were countless really. No place to stay for the night in KL? There's always Gasing. No place to hang around for the weekend? Head off to Gasing. Need a place to watch Akademi Fantasia without feeling guilty? You know the answer. Heh.
And whether it was the snake curling up behind the toilet, or the cat that finished up its nine lives in the bathroom. Or even the super cool New Year parties there, Gasing always has a tale to tell. To appreciate the memories in one entry doesn't do really justice to the house. It's the focal point of many things in my university and post-uni days. And for that, I really owe it to the guys (and gals?) who make the place really homey. Even though the occupants comes and goes, everyone who have stayed there has contributed one way or another to my memory of the house. And for that, I thank you.
So the guys have moved along to another house in S17. Another Gasing in the making? I don't think so. We all, afterall have our lives to attend to nowadays, right? I'm not sure of the answer myself.
I'd like to end with Kajun's words on the end of an era at Jalan Gasing:

"Sedih siot. Macam series Friends last season."

Right you are, bro. Right you are.

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

I am a self-confessed geek

I'm a geek.
I am.

How did I know? Spectacles aside, try cutting yourself from regular internet connection for 3+ weeks and tell me how you survived.

Well, in all honesty it wasn't that bad. The empty feeling comes to you only when you finally get yourself on the Net and realized, "Alamakk...banyaknya blog entry nak baca."
Not to mention the piling number of unread emails.

I really missed browsing. The daily dose of my favourite blogs, blowing my mind on Monday mornings at Postsecret, the previous night's Champions League results and report, talking about crap on my school's mailing list and looking forward to that email in my Inbox. Should I include Friendster in there as well? I know you want to.

According to Blogger, my last update was on the 12th of February. So that makes it almost 5 weeks since my last posting. A lot of things happened during those 5 precious weeks. Things that I consider close to me. So I would do myself no justice if I didn't touch on those things here in this lil' blog of mine. And since I like to restrict a single posting for a certain topic, allow me to play catch-up and bore you people with a few postings on what's been up with yours truly.

It's been so long I hardly remember how to write an entry. Just bear with me, ya?

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o